Are You Using Too Much Product?

streetstyle - Photo: Elijah Craig II for StyleBlazer
Photo: Elijah Craig II for StyleBlazer


Watching vloggers in all those Youtube videos, there’s one thing that seems wrong. When they talk about portions, specifically when it comes to hair or skincare, it seems like more product would be required to get the job done.

“A pea size?!,” we’ve thought as they explain a hair or makeup technique.

The experts over at have debunked all of our doubt with a new breakdown of the best portions to get the job done. And yes, to our surprise, it’s less than we’d like to believe.


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Call us product junkies all you want, something about using more seems to produce good results. But there is something to be said for that $52 Miss Jessie’s jar of deep conditioner lasting longer…

On the next pages, see more potion sizes you should consider for your beauty routine.

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