Keke Palmer’s Makeup-Less Photo Draws Out The Internet Bullies

2016 Billboard Music Awards arrivals at the T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas Featuring: Keke Palmer Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States When: 23 May 2016 Credit: Apega/
2016 Billboard Music Awards arrivals at the T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas
Credit: Apega/


Everyone is a critic when it comes to social media. And some people, are just plain, nasty. Their ugly heads roared once again this weekend when 22-year-old Keke Palmer shared a selfie of herself post tanning session on Snapchat.

She captioned the photo of her bikini top pushed to the side showing her tan line with, “When u about that tan life #darkerpleaaaaaseee.” In the photo the actress has on no makeup— but still looks confident.

Photo: Snapchat
Photo: Snapchat

Well, social media wash’t having it. Soon after she posted the photo, commenters were calling using “terrible”, “ugly”, and “disgusting” to describe the photo. Some even insinuated she was on drugs.

Here’s the problem.

The laundry list of makeup techniques and products available these days, is enough to mention for days. Actually, there are whole websites, Youtube entrepreneurs and businesses based around our obsession with makeup. There’s contouring, strobing, highlighting, one layer of foundation, another layer of concealer. And on and on and on.

We’ve gotten so makeup heavy that we don’t actually know what people look like underneath it all— and when “exposed”, it’s a surprise.

As noted by’s Veronica Wells: There is something wrong with people publicly shaming someone for their looks and suggesting that her natural appearance is wrong. It’s sentiments like this that keep the magazine industry photoshopping celebrities until they’re unrecognizable on their covers. It’s thoughts like this that make women, famous and not, scared to leave the house with a bare face, for fear that someone might hurl the same judgement they lodged at Keke onto them.

Let this be a two fold lesson to everyone. First, STOP BULLYING PEOPLE ONLINE. Not because they may or may not look better compared to you— but because it’s nasty, unfruitful, and does nothing for the progress of humankind.

And second, work on the beauty within. Treat your natural skin with care and every once in a while, give yourself a break from makeup.

It’ll be less of a surprise to you, and apparently, everyone else.

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