Lindsay Lohan Cleavy And Bare Booty Cheeks For Notion Magazine

Lindsay Lohan is back on her game in terms of edgy magazine photoshoots. She was doing this for a while, then quit for a while, now she’s back to some candid style photos of her in various shades of dress and naughty, including a look at her bare booty cheeks beneath a jersey. I think it’s safe to say that Lindsay is once again feeling better about her body and the desire to share her skin filled looks has returned. This is a good thing.

Lindsay was once upon a time a rather alluring young ginger. What was once lost can always be found again. I truly believe that. This kind of work is a good start for us gentleman oglers who never give up hope, or our binoculars. Lindsay is still quite young. Clean living, Pilates, and some tiny outfits and we could be talking comeback. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Notion Magazine

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