Rapper Injures Audience With Insane 40-Foot Stage Dive (@gwatsky)

George Watsky, a rapper who became YouTube-famous for his machine gun-style bars, was finishing up his set during a stop in London as part of the Vans Warped Tour, when he made the extremely poor decision to scale the stage’s lighting rig and jump into the crowd 40 feet below.

The jump had predictable results; Watsky and two audience members were injured.

While Watsky only suffered a few bumps and bruises, one girl broker her arm and a man suffered a back injury that required hospitalization.

Watsky apologized to his fans on his Facebook page, acknowledging that his behavior was “inexcusable” and “it’s extremely lucky it wasn’t worse.”

The San Francisco rapper also insisted that he was “not drunk or on drugs,” but was trying to overcome his “early timidity” of “anything physically dangerous.”

“The jump was not awesome, it was not badass, and it was not ballsy,” Watsky continues. “It turned what should have been a great day for the people who got hurt into a nightmare. It was stupid and wildly irresponsible, plain and simple.”

Check out video of the stage dive above.

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