Reliving the Ali Express 11-11 Sale

Ali Express 11-11

Last November 11, Ali Express and its seller partners staged a one-day sale across the world. The global event was participated by 207 countries from Greenland in the north all the way to Chile in the south. The festival was so successful that there were a total of 6,800,000 packages sold, processed, and sent on that day alone. If stacked up on top of each other, the packages will go as high as 136x the height of Mount Everest!

During the festival, the three most loved products were fashion pieces. Shoppers from all over the world bought cardigans, scarves, and skirts. There were 5,669 orders of cardigans, 4,812 orders of scarves, and 4,458 orders of shirts. Who would have thought that this worldwide sale will turn out to be a huge fashion shopping spree?

Ali Express 11-11 Sale

Ali Express also came up with different awards to honor countries that participated in the event. The top winners are Russia, the US, and Brazil for turning in the largest amount spent during the sale festival. The other biggest spenders were Burundi, Lebanon , and Nepal. On the other hand, the countries with their shopping cart filled to the top are Israel, Russia, and Belarus.

There were also special awards like The Sexiest Country, which Russia has won. Russia is the country where the most number of bikinis and lingerie is sold. However, the Beauty Queen award went to the USA, as they bought the biggest quantity of hair extensions. Israel also won an award, the Partygoers Award, which means that several packages of costumes were shipped to them.

The headquarters of Ali Express is in HangZhou China, yet they have successfully shipped out to countries as far flung as Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. The sale fever officially stared at 6am PST on November 11, 2014. Shipping was also at the fastest during that day, where customers were able to receive their packages as early as 2:30pm on the same day they bought the item, where possible.

Ali Express 11-11 packages

The event was participated not just by hundreds of shoppers all over the world but also by sellers who made the event very successful. The sellers who participated shipped in their products just in time for the event, getting the Ali Express warehouses full to its ream.

Ali Express also showed their gratitude to the participants who uploaded their 11-11 photos to the site. The images were used for promotional purposes. Most of the shots were so unique and creative that Ali Express republished them again in their Thank You page.

While the 24-hour shopping sale has culminated for this year, Ali Express is looking forward to next ones in the coming years. They’re inviting everyone to participate as early as now. See you then and make your mark!

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