Róisín Murphy Shares "Evil Eyes" Video

Róisín Murphy Shares "Evil Eyes" Video

Following her clip for “Exploitation”Róisín Murphy has shared another self-directed clip for a song from her new album Hairless ToysThe new one’s for “Evil Eyes”, and in it, a seemingly pleasant domestic life gradually breaks down. She said of the video:

“This character I have created goes mad. Of course female hysteria is a cinematic cliche of massive proportions and I was able to find multitudes of reference particularly in Scandinavian films. Nothing about the visual aesthetic is ‘Rock and Roll’ and yet there is plenty of rebellion going on. I find it interesting to create videos that don’t try to look like pop videos at all. Hopefully this will be a mysterious and disorientating experience for the viewer as we are not dealing in anything too concrete here, just ambiguity laced with black humour.” 

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