Runway Recap: Hair Up, Frocks Down At Chanel Couture

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For the Chanel Fall 2016 Couture show, Karl Lagerfeld decided that the 200 ateliers that work tirelessly to put together each intricate inch of luxe, deserved to be recognized this season.

He not only flew them all out from their sewing stations in France, but he also brought along their sewing machines, mannequins and fabrics requesting them to work as they would on any other given day, while the show goes on around them. Charming, we know!

As far as the models went, this season’s show called for curly-haired-up-do’s with an alice band. In true Chanel format, plush amounts of tweed, embroidery, brooches, billowing sleeves and floral displays glided down the couturier-runway, making for a dancers-meets-business-woman themed collection.

Scroll through below to discover our favorite details from the Chanel Fall 2016 Couture show.

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