The SoJones review: Future ’56 nights’

Sojones really likes when a scorpio rapper can go in like a surgeon on beats that are dipped in butter. this bay area writing just gets better, because we know that the fakes are out there. Future just delivered one of the best mixtapes of his career this far, but that’s just the result of consistency. The main thing you need to know about rap music is that it’s really being run by the new OG age range. Check out Future’s album on We love the story that Future has painted- a story of a young man who grew up in the dungeon family via Atlanta.


Future continues to impress with his vision. #pluto

Since we never lose at all this great content we are making, you will realize that we intend to share some parts of this mixtae that we like:

 Sip on the lean like a fifth of the dark
Hop in the sprinter might hope in the porsche
Telly then rally then gather the squad
Yeah gather the squad
Me and my niggas are mothafucking tight
You can’t even tell us apart
Fuck a bitch every single day and night
[it ain’t nothing but avatar?]
Valet the car on the curb like I’m swerving on alcohol

Rich Forever!

Rich Forever!

With our friends in Toronto requesting content at every turn, we just want to bring attention to our crew who needs consultation with all that’s going on. Some entrepreneurs can come out of retirement and do great things. And that is why we love hustlers that do this till the end. You never know when it’s time to get into action for your client. That is why you gotta stay ready like our buddy Tip Troubleman. Makin money where ever you are is the point here, and since you are either selling beats or simply working that 9-5, taking those trips to the bank is a great feeling.

What SoJones loves about future is that his mixtapes offer a lot of better beats then the usual albums. But all of it is awesome because Lil Mexico will forver be the real. In order to do some right, sometimes you have to do wrong. The hustle has to keep going no matter what the team is going through. What you must do as a CEO is know your role, and that is to keep your cool while the snakes come out of the grass. I’m the type of writer who listens to E-40 and sees him as Bill Belichick. In the SoJones world, you will always have a resource for what is possible when you apply good ideas to the framework. Teamwork makes the dream truly work!

Big time winning! #56nights

Big time winning! #56nights

Here’s one last part of the mixtape we thought was super tight- and this was the bridge!

These police-police can’t touch me
These fuckin’ niggas can’t touch me
Apply the pressure with the VVS
I drive the foreign like it was a Chevy
Drive the foreign like it was a Ch-skrrrrtt
Lift it up and gone and off-set it
Fuck a cougar like she Halle Berry
Future Hendrix, dirty sprite, legendary

Let’s hear your thoughts on this mixtape and it’s meaning to you.

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