Why Don’t Jobs Hire Normally Like They Use To ? 

Remember when jobs use to have paper forms to fill out and quick question asking interviews ? 

Now in days you have to take a regents exam and weave through the ( are you dumb ) section of these online applications. Most of the time you fill these out you still get looked passed and time wasted. I can understand if most the questions asked pertained to the job you was applying for , but mostly the questions remind me of high school days where to find out what Y was or if joe had $3  and  Tim had $1 what is the amount they have together ? , like seriously ?. 

Then when you go for the interview they ask you weird questions and test your ability to make a sale right in front of them , with an unreasonable question on how to solve it. Remember when if you didn’t know something they would train you ? Now it’s At the point where if u don’t know something you aren’t the right fit. My question is what if I worked at Mcdonalds 5 years and I wanted to try something new like say clothing or a specialist type job , how would I have the training if I only worked one place ? What if I wanted to learn how to handle this new job that I’m applying for so I can gain that experience to be able to use it on a resume ? 

Jobs now in days make a person go crazy and give up hope on looking. You have different types of jobs , there’s the ” Hook Up ” type where a friend gets you in under their word of interest. The ” Hire Group Event ” type where they call in like 20 people and weave through to just hire 4 people they felt most qualified and Put you through dozens of interveiws to see if you passed them like we was testing in school. There’s the ” Craigslist Listing ” where the store manager wants to hire direct and skip the computer phase of looking for talent ( my personal fave ). 

Jobs that you use to talk directly to the manager and he was able to know if you was his guy or not was the good ole days I miss and wish was brought back to employment. 

If your a manager of a company or just a company that hires people and your reading this just give some thought on the type of stress you put a applicator through when you do these surveys with applicants. Try to be honest and ask reasonable questions and maybe you will find a better worker. 

– Jonathan. 

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