Young Hip Hop Head Rodrick R.O.C Anticipates New Single “All I Know”

Rodrick R.O.C is a young military Veteran that comes from a small city in Kelford, NC. He is hungry for success and loves the art of music. As a big J cole Supporter that he is, it is to be expected that his music has some similarities. Rodrick is the truth and with the big heart and his great tenacity there is no doubt that he will explode high in this music game.

Still in his early career, Rodrick has yet to reach his peak in his career. He has performed for Coast to Coast and also was one the biggest performers to be recognized at the event. His music speaks for itself and there is no denying that he deserves a real shot at success.

Check out some of Rodrick’s latest music below.

R.O.C has new music releasing a new single next week titled “ALL I KNOW”. This new single will talk about his life growing up and the struggles of being the military and pursuing his music career.

All I Know

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