Curl Talk: 6 Ways You Can Avoid Hair Breakage

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At some point or another in a woman’s life, she always wants to grow out her hair. Whether it’s getting over a pixie or short cut, or just wanting to take your length the next level you have to remember one thing: avoid hair breakage at all costs.

Hair breakage is caused by weakened and damaged  hair, which can be the result of numerous factors including over-processing hair with heat, coloring or dyeing your hair, or dehydration. If you experience hair breakage, make sure to pay close attention to the hairs that have fallen. Hair breakage often appears in short, broken pieces that do not have roots (it’s not to be confused with hair shedding, which still has the hair root attached to the strand when it falls).

If your hair breakage is bothering you, read on to determine the best methods to avoid this and gain more beautiful, healthy curls.

1. Trim your split ends regularly.

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If you think that curly girls don’t need to get their ends clipped as much as other hair types, you’re wrong. Since the ends of hair are the oldest, they go through the most damage. Split ends can show just how dry and damaged hair is, and if they are not taken care of they can cause even more damage and breakage. It’s ideal to trim your ends every four-to-six weeks.

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