DJ Chelsea Leyland’s Tips For Food & Fashion In London


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Last week, food, fashion and philanthropy collided at The Doe Fund’s fourth annual “sweet: New York” event, which we were lucky enough to attend. One of the city’s biggest non-profits since 1985, The Doe Fund has created housing, social service and employment programs for the homeless, many of which enter the culinary arts. End result? Over 22,000 success stories and this swanky city soiree.

Held at the landmark Bowery Hotel, the organization’s culinary students worked alongside NYC’s premiere top chefs, offering scrumptious samples to guests that included several Orange Is The New Black cast members and N.Y. Giants player Mark HerzlichFrom Petaluma to Magnolia Bakery (my personal faves), dinner, dessert and drinks were all covered by some of the city’s top rated restaurants.

DJ Chelsea Leyland, England native and New York transplant, DJ’d the entire night and somehow managed to school us on her hometown in between songs. Keep reading for her quick fire tips on where to brunch and shop if you’re headed across the pond this summer.

Where to brunch:

“We’re not as good at brunch as you guys are in America. It’s all about the pubs. Whatever area you’re in–because London is huge–find the local gastropub.”

Where to shop:

Portobello Market for vintage. I love it because it just feels really English and you can buy clothes and antiques there; like beautiful things. But, in New York, there’s so many. For vintage–there’s Le Grand Strip, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. That’s my go-to.”

(Learn more about The Doe Fund here.)

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