A.R. Stylez – Can I Live (Freestyle) @ARStylez #OnTheSceneNY #OTSNY

Hip-Hop Emcee A.R. Stylez displays his skills as a lyricist over a classic, Jay Z’s “Can I Live” from the album “Reasonable Doubt”

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Now why I’m watching every nigga watching me closely?
Yall remain hating
I’m hearing the Reverend preach and teach
On route to train stations
While niggas on the corner
Muscle, hustle maintain patience
My brain’s aching
I’m searching for the best way to fade Satan
Late for work, I remain chasing for that bus
Catch it, pull my Metro out and discuss to the driver
It ain’t fair to raise the fare, but he don’t care
With that MTA money he stay saving, plus he stay slaving.
So as I head to the back I see High School kids
Early morning breathe yawning
They’re tired of being sick and tired of School
But education rules to succeed while the rest snoring
The best drawings, often lead to a form of art
Where the art form undress the stress often
You looking at a fresh dolphin in a pool of Emcees
Who spit that Death, Coffins
Wreck of a stench that put pressure on chest
You excessively coughing out the best air
And I don’t care if you don’t care
That I don’t care, the rest care
You fucking with the best here
I’m a student to the game with a newer pain
If this the underground I’m clearing out the sewage drain
Why lie? It’s room for improvement
I’m just trying to be the best four-eyed fuck
To ever motherfucking do it.

If I switch to the contacts the vision still clear
Without puffing to catch a contact
Girls contact to sign a contract
Delivered straight to their heart,
I’ll only sign if you remain from the start
Now even though that often tampers
With my conscious, the feelings getting complex
The trust of a good woman often turns into a contest
We run straight to the course
Hopefully we escape from remorse

Sometimes I wake up to God
Holding deep discussions
Evaluate my life, accepting all the repercussions
Conversations with girls, holding deep discussions
She struggle to maintain with school, work, keeping a budget
We keep it real, feed me lies girl, I’ll feed you nothing
Women of that nature often can’t find a decent husband
As my features change, I feature functions
Function features frequently enough to feed me something
My train of thought, lost in my tunnel vision
You rebuke, I re-bundle missions
She sick of her mother slaving in another kitchen
Soaping up another’s dishes
Restaurants paying minimum wage
She gotta work her ass off, so she can bigger the save
Seven pounds for her eyes, peep her vision today
Her brother cutting school, ironically no Christian today
He lost his faith in God
Maybe he’ll reclaim it one day
Sister stressed out cut her wrist,
Now she bleeding more than one way
Plus she got her menstrual
The worry on her face, detect that she got an issue
Apple don’t fall from the tree she took her momma issue
No tears of joy, but can’t avoid all the soggy tissues
Letters of hope made the pen stroke, “Dear pops we miss you”
It’s kinda hard since you passed
They say the good die young, well I guess you free at last
Today you would of lived to be 50 years old
That’s half a Century, your story remains simply untold
Though times get hard I admit I be forgetting
The life you consider Hell, one cherish like it’s Heaven
The only thing left to do is ask God to forgive
But damn…I mean…can my people live?

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