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Many artists in today’s hip hop community struggle to not only establish themselves as great entertainers & soulful poets, they also tend to allow their peak of success to keep them stabilized as a rapper and not venturing into the path as a hip hop mogul or business man. Very few have a solid foundation to put them in that world of businessmen who rap. One of the few is that of Elijah “Adrenalin” Johnson. At the age of 22, Adrenalin, has set out to not only leave a historic mark in music, with his upcoming debut mix tape, For Better or Worse, he aims to create a legacy as a business man who knows the music industry inside and out. “I don’t want to be known just as a rapper, I want to leave a legacy of a knowledgeable business man first, that can own the stage when given a mic.”

At the age of 9, his influences in music were Nas, James Brown, The Rolling Stones and DMX. Experiencing artist such as these, who have branded themselves and carved a little slice of history in music, sparked that fire in Adrenalin. That same spark has pushed him to be in full command of his craft, identity and music. Growing up in Long Island, New York, living on the dividing line of cultural class, Johnson was able to see the effects of living in low, middle & high class communities. Taking those struggles, victories, curses and blessings & transforming them into relatable content which appeals to all.

Music has fueled Johnson’s ambition to be knowledgeable about the business side of the music world. With digital marketing experience at Roc Nation, Berkeley College amongst other prominent companies, Adrenalin is graduating in 2014 from Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. While there he was the president of the Music Club and participates on the committee for the Dean’s List College Tour. This is a clear preview that Elijah is gaining the valuable tools needed to progress in the music industry. In 2011, Adrenalin was given the honor to create an admissions theme song/video for Berkeley College. This propelled him into overnight success in the educational world, helping to gain a faithful fan following. Now if you are anybody at Berkeley, you’ve probably heard the record on countless occasions. In 2013, he was given the opportunity to create the official soundtrack titled Love Over Fame for author Sarah Price’s now best-selling novel Plain Fame. This is just another great example of Adrenalin’s adaptability.



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As Adrenalin continues to evolve as an MC and business man, he is able to share those experiences through music showing us his versatility, depth and appreciation for an art form that has and will continue to leave a legacy for future generations to follow.

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