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If you were to ask Jemyle Jones if his music was made for today’s music industry, he would more than likely tell you a flat out “No.” But if you were to ask a fan of the budding lyricist their interpretation couldn’t be more different. While most artists are carving out repetitive radio friendly tunes that are heard today but gone tomorrow, Jemyle is doing something different with his music. Through symbolic word play and a gruff charismatic flow he is awakening the spirit of Hip Hop’s past and rooting it back into the soil of the New York sound.

“Sometimes situations come or something happens and you think its just you going through it,” starts Jemyle. “But being in music has taught me you have to take the ups with the downs and just plan to end up on top.”

Raised in Jamaica Queens, NY a neighborhood where most kids are forced to grow up fast, Ricardo “Jemyle Jones” Jorge doesn’t let too much faze him. Instead he writes it down. The product of a single parent household, Jemyle became a fan of music when beats were feelings and lyrics were the soothing or stirring of emotions. Influenced by artists like Redman, Method Man, The Lost Boyz, and Onyx Jemyle began writing music at the age of 8. Thrown into a world of words, thoughts, and symbolisms he excelled. As luck would have it his first break would come fairly early after a family friend caught wind of the young talent and gave him the name “Cashmere”. Shortly after the naming, he received an opportunity to rap for an A&R connected with Duck Down Records in 1996, but was denied the chance by his mother due to her misbelief in a successful future as a child rapper.

Continuing on with his dream in spite of the set back, Jemyle did all things music. From performing in talent shows to a brief stint in a Christian rap group, he touched it all. His ability for rap battling would lead him to join a group called “Stick’Em Up” with classmate “Showtime”and another uocoming artist “Tuge”. In 2005, now going by the name “Costell”, the group became a feature on mixtapes and worked briefly with “Rags 2 Riches Records”, an Indie label created by DMC of Run-DMC. Eventually the group split apart in pursual of solo careers.

In 2007, Jemyle decided to create an independent label of his own, but fell short when it didn’t properly take off like he had hoped. Though prematurely done, it was this venture that would give him his first taste of ownership, and he refused to back down. Determined to go further he continued to grind and by 2009, he was being mentored by DJ Chuck, The Triple Threat of New York’s Power 105.1. He also be began receiving production from known producer Sean Ross. After making a few records that got the attention of a couple popular Hip Hop sites like WorldStarHipHop, Dj Booth, and YouTube, he landed a few meetings at Def Jam with Lenny S & Louis Dibella who were looking to to manage the young MC.

Choosing the independent route, Jemyle wound up signing with CMG, an indie label ran by Darnell “Jaxz” Smith. While things were progressing musically, outside of his career bad decisions put him in trouble with the law. Now under surveillance, he began to practice what he preached ultimately leaving the hip hop industry alone at the time when the New York music scene had even slowed down.

In 2011 Jemyle fully stepped back from music since he felt as if his heart wasn’t really into the culture anymore. Torn between lifestyles, he spent most of that time searching for himself as an artist while building a team of dedicated individuals around him that have come to be known as Timeless Elite. Completing his circle after reuniting with Jaxz, now a well known staple amongst the New York Hip Hop community, Jemyle is now ready to build up his Rich Govmovement and release timeless records. Motivated by faith, persistence, and consistency, he is now taking advantage an array of situations and opportunities . Committed to reaching that audience, that may have wandered during the decline of true hip hop while also being an influence to the generation to come; Jemyle Jones is an artist for now

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