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Under the moniker “C Dot Castro,” Shy Grey swapped verses with Logic and Maryland’s Ratpack crew, gaining renown and recognition within the rap community. Quietly, Shy Grey has branched off toward his own solo movement. Intrigue has surrounded his whereabouts, fans of the Rattpack hoping for more. Now, he releases “Addiction,” a track off the dark, personal Black album. The debut EP emphasizes the course of the underdog and the struggle to separate the past from the progression towards evolution. On “Addiction” under the production of producer OB, a masterful moment of respite culminates into the project’s thesis: about an artist’s trajectory toward discovery — an artist who allowed himself to fade from spotlights but reemerges with more clarity than ever. “I’m just ready,” says Shy Grey, “to put it all out for the true fans that rock with me.”

“I’ve grown a lot in the past year. Been through many struggles and battles with myself and with the outside world. I’ve realized what is important. It’s my voice. It’s my music. It’s being happy. I wasted a lot of time giving a fuck about things that don’t matter. I’m not worried about opinions, especially any hate. I’m here to talk to the people through the music and through my story. I’m here to help people learn to embrace their struggles and turn them into successes. I’m here to bring people and genres together. I want to anything I can to make this world a better place. So if they don’t fuck with me now, I’m not trippin I know they will later.”

Listen below to his latest creation.

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