Eminem Infinite Album Review 20 years Later and How it Influenced Hip Hop. @Eminem

Infinite is the debut studio album by American rapper Eminem, released November 12, 1996, through Web Entertainment. The album was recorded at the Bass Brothers’ studio, known as the Bassmint and produced by Mr. Porter and Proof.

20 years ago the undeniable rapper Marshall Mathers released Infinite a solo project that included his Detroit posse OutSiders and Some members who was apart of D12. With his versatility and underground sound a album which his flow was different from what we most know as. Before being signed to Dr Dre and AfterMath Eminem was an outstanding battle rapper and worked hard on coming up and earning respect for his rapping skill.


Most who haven’t heard or downloaded his album can find it on most music websites and streaming services. How it influenced music today was how he used his feelings and situations to explain his story and how being broke wasn’t a option for the young emcee.
Through the help of his other artist friends and the confidence helped him land a big deal with aftermath. Still to this day his craft of lyrics shakes up the industry and give artist a reason to step they emcee skills up.

Listen to his album and tell us what you think about his lyrics and style.

For most who don’t know he has been featured on The Morning Show and had features and freestyles with the late great Biggie Smalls . For a man with skills and craft like Em he def earned his spot in the HipHop industry.

Track Listing:

01-Infinite: 0:00

02-W.E.G.O.: 4:01

03- It’s O.K.: 4:23

04-Tonite: 7:54

05-313: 11:38

06-Maxine: 15:49

07-Open mic: 19:45

08-Never 2 far: 23:47

09-Searchin’: 27:25

10-Backstabber: 31:11

11-Jealousy Woes II: 34:36

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