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90s Baby Reincarnated is an ambitious exhibition of hustle and perseverance. Tk Mafioso showcases the ability to write records that speak to his audience. Replicating his brightest moments is often a hit or miss proposition. His work ethic, long a point of personal pride, paid big dividends across an excellent mixtape trilogy (struggle to success, struggle to success 2 and this is my
year) in the run up to his latest offering. 90s Baby Reincarnated brings some moving new deep cuts to his catalog, Perhaps for The OMAHA DARK KNIGHT prolificity is about versatility, not just because HERO is the introduction to 9BR but because it seems to set the tone for the entire Album. To earn respect as an artist climbing up the rankings it requires giving more of oneself to a fan base who is not easily impressed and tolerant to new ideas, TK Mafioso accomplished a new balance on this project. Both nonstop motion and overindulgence are in his DNA. the OMF boss in many ways, unmasks and reveals to the world his secret Hero identity.
The Atlanta transplant has funneled most of his music via youtube and soundcloud but 9BR is his first official Album where he is giving us a product worth the streaming subscription. Support 90s Baby Reincarnated, it is currently the indie equivalent to Rick Ross’s latest RATHER YOU THAN ME. There are bits and pieces of nearly every part of his past here, with potential hits in the the records “Dutch Master” and “How you want it” He creates an album filled with dynamism and evocation, particularly “BLM” and “I was the one” But even on autopilot, TK can churn out some truly high octane flows “blessings”, with some sweetly-sung gun ballads like the outro on this album “outlaw”.

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