Izzy Strange Ft Mike Incite – “God’s Got A Gun” (@ishestrange @mikeinsideyou @CasaNada501)

“God’s Got A Gun” is the latest visual offering from Pennsylvanian-based artist, Izzy Strange. The song features the vocal workings of Mike Incite and is once again produced by Casa Nada, who produced the previously released “Real Love” single.

Though the song title and fragments of the lyrical content may offend some listeners initially, once the song plays out one is quick to realize that God is actually being used as a metaphor. In no way, shape or form is he questioning God’s existence. What Strange is attempting to do is question why things are the way they are and where the root of that concept is derived from.


The video took seven straight days to film, the longest shot frame for them to date. Starring Joshua “Zeus” Thomas and Kevin Pritts, we follow along as two separate lives come to a bitter crossroads.  Again as with “Real Love”, there’s a stunning plot twist at the tail-end of the video sure to have jaws dropping. Josh Hernley makes a rogue cameo appearance as a mysteriously cloaked figure.  If deep story lines and emotion provoking lyricism are deep to you, this release is aimed for your liking. View the full video above.

“A Good Day 2 B The Bad Guy” while feature production from Casa Nada, Netherfriends and Nate Fox of The Social Experiment and mixing/mastering by Dan Gensel of WDS Audio Lodge. Guest features will include Blu, Eligh, Open Mike Eagle, Red Pill, Tahlyn, Mike Incite and a surprise collab from his biggest feature yet. Look for it to release sometime this Spring.

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