Penny Shaw Releases Gripping Video for “Questions”


Earlier in the year, Queens emcee Penny Shaw and production team ContraBAND, released their highly progressive collaboration effort, entitled Ill City Blues. “Ill City Blues” is best described as cinema, in music form. It captures Penny’s innate realism, his aspirations, as well as his vulnerabilities.



About Penny Shaw

A penny is one of the most disregarded forms of currency in our world today. They are often overlooked and considered as having low value or worth. We are all on a quest to find our own worth- some more than others. Combining the concept of a penny and keeping the roots of his family name, a star emerged. Born in Queens, New York when hip hop was just gaining momentum,

Penny Shaw developed a love for the craft. He was able to gain recognition with his previous releases Good Morning and Soul Food. During the completion of Soul Food, he started working more with the production team ContraBAND.


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