Ms. SnakeCharma-Rookie of the Year Report | @Ms_SnakeCharma

In Hip Hop artists face obstacles around every corner and one of the largest hurdles is legitimate BDS radio play with an open platform to come with it.

Luckily, in 2016, the independent scene and air waves were blessed with the presence of Ms. SnakeCharma on 104.9 WRBB (Northeastern University) and 97.5 WRNC (Nichols College), both based out of Massachusetts and broadcast to the world.

In a short period of time, Ms. SnakeCharma has amassed a solid following, garnered excellent listeners/streams numbers and has opened doors for herself and the artists that have been played and invited to the shows.

Between the 2 shows Ms. SnakeCharma:

Has over 178,000 listeners, Spun over 500 records,  Had more than 150 artists/professionals on the airwaves with her; including Vinny Idol and the New Bag Gang, Dame Grease, Glasses Malone, Coke Boy Droop Pop and a major interview with David Banner over the summer.

Along with being a trendsetter on air, Ms. SnakeCharma released  “Top Ten: The Antidote”, an audio report to highlight some of the artists that have been on her shows. And plans to release the “Indie Report Newsletter” in 2017.

Through her hard work and dedication to the indie scene, Ms. SnakeCharma recently became an official Marketing Rep/ A&R for Sony Records in the New England region.

Make sure to follow Ms. SnakeCharma and listen in as she turns up the heat on air as we roll into 2017!

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