BALLER BREAK: LeBron James & Dwyane Wade Get SHIRTLESS On Miami Beach

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Now that they’ve officially advanced to the semi-finals of the NBA playoffs, Miami Heat stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade spent their day off chillin’ on the beach and in poolside cabanas.  Pics of the shirtless ballers chillin’ with their fam and friends inside…

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After blowing out the Chicago Bulls 4-1 in the series, the Heat have moved on to the last round before the finals.  And before they take on the Pacers next Wednesday, MVP Bron Bron and his bestie D-Wade are taking some chill time on their off days.  So they took full advantage of the beach this weekend.

Full time single dad Dwyane and Bron were spotted in a cabana with their kids and more.


 photo LeBronJamesDwyaneWadeHangingOutPoolside7qM3y6HPYgVl_zps5f7465cf.jpg

 photo LeBronJamesDwyaneWadeHangingOutPoolsidegfXqeot92P4l_zps4cb6d238.jpg  photo LeBronJamesDwyaneWadeHangingOutPoolsidewsF2CVUvSDtl_zps086e3fdd.jpg

And they spotted the paparazzi but ignored them.

 photo LeBronJamesDwyaneWadeHangingOutPoolsideamD0Y4gSnfyl_zps60daf8b1.jpg   photo LeBronJamesDwyaneWadeHangingOutPoolsideLncu0_YY8Crl_zps139e84fe.jpg   photo LeBronJamesDwyaneWadeHangingOutPoolsidekRCTpUtPqHcl_zps251c2c3c.jpg

Fun times. 

And speaking of Dwyane, he did something super nice for a super fan.  After 18-year-old high school senior Nicole Muxo begged him over and over and over via Youtube & Twitter to take her to her prom, he popped up at Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School’s prom on Friday to surprise her!  Her date had to take a back seat for a minute:


 photo article-2326582-19DA15B6000005DC-890_634x434_zps41b9be9d.jpg

 photo article-2326582-19DA15B2000005DC-622_634x670_zps0401f58a.jpg

The surprised senior tweeted him the next day saying, "You made my dreams come true."  And Wade told CBS Miami he liked her persistence:

"She continued to go for it no matter how many times I told her I’m going to be busy she continued asking if I’m going to come."

And told her, "You wanted me to be your date, I appreciate it so much."


Dwyane said he left after he danced with her and took some pics because he felt like a third wheel.  Ha!


Photos: Fame/Flynet/Dwyane’s Instagram


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