Facebook Goes In on Jada Pinkett for Speaking Out Against God (@jadapsmith)

Jada Pinkett Smith recently took to Facebook to make some personal comments about religion and God, saying that “we must not belong to the obedient” but must “belong to our truth.” Facebook users who saw this didn’t take kindly to Jada’s remarks and began flooding Jada’s page.

One user said, “turn from your wicked ways Jada, be obedient to God!” Another user disagreed with Jada, saying, “This is not the truth, so many lost souls. We must be obedient to God and follow His Will for our lives!!”

In the above slide you can see Jada’s post that set the whole thing off, as well as a collection of comments.

What do you think about Jada’s comments? Do you agree or disagree?

Source: Facebook 

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