Real World Star Dustin Zito Arrested for Alleged Sexual Battery (@dustinzito)

Real World star Dustin Zito is in fairly hot waters after being arrested for alleged sexual battery.  The 27-year-old reality TV star was a featured cast member on the 2011 season of Real World: Las Vegas, and has been under the microscope in the past for having appeared in gay pornography.

Zito was arrested outside of the Lafayette, Lousiana bar, “City Bar,” early Sunday morning, July 14th, for allegedly reaching under a woman’s skirt inside of the bar and grabbing her genital area against her will.  According to authorities, Zito was “very intoxicated” and resisted arrest outside of the bar which prompted police to pepper spray him, and strike him with their hands open in order to subdue him, which worked.  His arresting officers are claiming that Zito told them, “the female victim should be thankful that he reached up her dress since he is a TV star and several girls wish for that to happen to them.”

He tweeted a picture of a security camera freeze frame that he claims is the incident which he was arrested for, however the picture quality is very low and doesn’t really reveal any wrongdoings.  He’s been charged with felony Sexual Battery, felony Resisting an Officer with Violence, misdemeanor Remaining After Being Forbidden, and misdemeanor Disturbing the Peace by Public Intoxication.


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