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In the world of fashion, urban clothing in particular, there are two ways of recognizing talent: You either follow trends and stand out by adding a personal touch or stand out and set the trend. Here at SoJones, the search for talented brands, established and emerging alike, in the urban scene continues.

Without further ado, we introduce LA POCHETTE, a clothing line that specializes in pocket tees, expressing an urban vibe with classic designs and a bit of hip-hop feel. We caught up with this Parisian line to let us know how LA POCHETTE is more than just a brand.

Tell us a bit about the brand, design philosophy, etc.

LA POCHETTE is a brand founded by two young Parisians from different cultures but with a same mind frame. A simple but effective concept: It manufactures T-shirt pocket, especially with fabrics unearthed [and] assembled for their visual but also for their quality, which takes us to our slogan “GET A PIECE OF HISTORY IN A PIECE OF CLOTH.”

When did you come up with the idea of a streetwear brand? How did the concept come about?

We came up with the all LA POCHETTE idea beginning of last year. We brainstormed for a while until we got to the pocket tee idea and decided to stick with it.

What was the inspiration behind LA POCHETTE?

Our main inspiration was the trends. During that time, the all-animal print was pretty popular, and our main focus was to drop a collection with nothing but animal print which ended up being very successful.

Who’s your target market?

I guess designers always have to target a certain market, but I would say that we don’t really target a certain crowd. LA POCHETTE is very fashionable, a teenager could wear it and look cool in it just about as much as a 30 years old could. It’s an open brand for anyone.

You have decided to market your product through the internet. Does it play a large role in reaching your target market?

Yeh, the Internet plays a major role in targeting our market. Nowadays, the Web is a great way to inform, share, etc. With FB, Twitter, and IG, we’ve got ourselves some recognition. Anybody can do it with the right idea and determination, you just have to want it.

Seems like LA POCHETTE is more than just a clothing brand; what does LA POCHETTE represent?

LA POCHETTE is a movement! We’re doing this regardless of what other people think. There’s probably a bunch of other pocket tees company, but I think the difference with us is that we’re two humble dudes with a vision that is spreading like hot cakes. Haha!

What are some of the brand’s most popular products? Can you describe the creative process behind the designs?

One of the brand most popular products are the Leopard and either the Green or the Purple Leaf. The fabrics used for the pockets are randomly cut out, therefore all designs are different for each T-shirt.

There are a lot of streetwear brands popping up nowadays, how do you separate yourself from the rest of the crowd?

I think we differ from other brands, due to our price range. LA POCHETTE products (shirts) are very affordable for anyone, and on top of that you can add the uniqueness of the article you purchase.

What does the future hold for LA POCHETTE? What should your followers expect to see in 2013?

In 2013, we’re gonna surprise people by taking a different approach. LA POCHETTE’s way much more than pocket tees, and this year, people will be aware of it.

For more info on the brand and the products, check out LA POCHETTE’s e-shop at

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