SPORTS: Kobe Bryant’s Parents Swear He’s LYING, Say He GAVE The Memorabilia To His Mom

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Kobe Bryant’s parents have filed their own paperwork claiming their son GAVE his memorabilia to them!  Find out what they said inside….


We suspect that Pamela Bryant, the mother of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, didn’t have a great Mother’s Day yesterday.  We told you earlier about Kobe’s legal teaming putting the smack down on Goldin Auction and preventing his mom from selling off his memorablia.  Now, we’ve got the deets on the situation from the perspective of Pamela, Kobe’s dad Joe and even Kobe’s grandma and sister.  Talk about some family drama…

Apparently, the court documents filed by Kobe insinuate that Kobe’s mom stole the items from Kobe’s home.  But in their defense, both Pam and Joe filed sworn declarations that Kobe willingly gave the items to Pamela over the years.

Joe specifically said that over the years, Kobe had given Pamela a number of items and said, "Here mom, these are for you." And Pam insists she never took anything without permission.  And since he willingly gave them to her….she has a right to sell them.  Also, Kobe’s grandmother got dragged into the drama filed a declaration supporting Pamela.

Oh, and there’s another sibling.  But she supports Kobe.  His sister, Sharia Washington says their mother has been conspiring to sell Kobe’s items for a long time and wants to profit from his stardom.  Damn homie.

We guess the family won’t be getting together for fireworks on the 4th of July….unless it’s in the court room. 

For now….the auction is still postpooned. 




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