UH OH! Did Sheree Whitfield’s "Chateau Sheree" Go Into FORECLOSURE?


Reports are surfacing that "Chateau Sheree", the fabled property associated with former "RHOA" star Sheree Whitfield has gone into foreclosure! Find out how you can purchase a piece of reality tv history inside…. 


Like her fellow former "Housewives" franchise star, Bethenny Frankel, said about the folks on the show living outside their means, “I think, because I’ve been around it, that Bravo likes to cast someone that lives a larger than life life and that people look at and think they’re so wealthy and want that and think it’s aspirational."

Sheree Whitfiled may want to take heed. 

This won’t come as a shock to anyone who’s been a longtime fan of "RHOA", but the streets of Atlanta are buzzing that former "RHOA" star Sheree Whitfield and fabled McMansion that she hoped to build, Chateau Sheree, is facing foreclosure.  The construction site of a dream home, which NeNe Leakes famously called "Never-land" is apparently available immediately for short sale at $340k.

According to a well-connected real estate agent in the area, the property has two loans against it and may be marketed as a “tear down” because the existing structure has been exposed to the elements. SMH……

Surprisingly, Sheree has not made any statements about an "alleged" foreclosure.  But looking at her past behavior, we suspect she’ll eventually make a response with in depth explanations….

In case you missed it, watch Iyanla explain why Sheree and the Chateau Sheree siutation is out of order:



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