Kylie Jenner Opens Up Her Closets (Yes, Plural), and It’s a Fashion Fantasy

If you haven’t yet subscribed to Kylie Jenner’s app, you’re about to. Because the 18-year-old star just posted a video tour of her closets — and it’s basically like walking into a high-end retail store.

“This is like my favorite room ever,” Kylie begins as she walks into a ginormous well-lit room lined with shoes. “My assistant says that I’m a hoarder so I got rid a bunch of my shoes. This was never a shoe closet before. I added all these shelves. It’s pretty much every girl’s dream — I always wanted a shoe closet.”

Kylie Jenner closetCourtesy Kylie Jenner

While the star did purge some of her footwear collection before she moved, there was one pair of shoes she couldn’t part with: a pair of bedazzled leopard-print Christian Louboutin platforms that sister Khloé Kardashian got her for her 16th birthday.

“I wanted the high Louboutin so bad,” she shares holding the shoes up. “These just aren’t what’s up anymore, but I can’t get rid of them. I’ll never get rid of them. I’ll give them to my future daughter or something.”

A few other keepsakes Kylie will always cherish? Miniature Prada and Louis Vuitton purses her mom gave her as a toddler.

Kylie Jenner closetCourtesy Kylie Jenner

The star also gives a sneak peek at the new Kendall and Kylie collection coming out next year, her locked jewelry closet and the bridesmaids dress she wore to Kim’s wedding.

Oh and she has a “Princess Lives Here” hanging door pillow, naturally.

“It was always on my bedroom door, and now that I’m a grown up, it’s on my closet door.”

What do you think of Kylie’s shoe room? Sound off below.

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