Globally recognized hip-hop dancer Lonely Savage brings new sound to the scene with ‘Good Morning’

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – To hear Lonely Savage tell it, he is the epitome of a Millennial: a 23-year-old trying not to lose while still discovering himself.

That journey is the foundation for his music, and his stories are inspiring people all throughout the Midwest and beginning to expand into the rest of the country.

Having spent the better part of the past decade as a professional dancer, traveling all over the world performing and using dance to teach young people about pursuing dreams, Lonely Savage has turned a corner in his career by exploring his own voice as a musician. He recently dropped a new single called “Good Morning,” which he said serves as the manifestation of a self-prophecy of success.

“The premise of the song is about having a dream of making it rich or doing well, and what it takes to create and solidify moments in your life, and realize your dreams,” he said. “It’s about waking up and being grateful for everything and hope that things keep going well – being content but never being complacent.”

It’s a song that he said came about after years and years of hearing music evolve in ways that were frustrating to him. As a lover of artists such as Tupac and Biggie, he has a deep appreciation for the original sounds of hip-hop. Over the years as a professional dancer, he said he grew increasingly frustrated with the way the hip-hop genre was moving and eventually found himself in a position to do something about it by creating the kind of music that he felt like needed to be heard. That’s not to say that he doesn’t cater to the masses with his music and create songs that will market well and have mass appeal, he just wants to approach music from the persona of a “real old-school artist.”

“This song is the perfect example of that,” he said. “I woke up one morning and heard the beat and knew it was perfect and the right vibe. I knew it was the sound I wanted to use as the representation of my confidence and my resolve for this road I’m embarking on. I grew up with Tupac and Biggie and fell in love with their lyrical hip-hop and the way they paint a story with whatever the topic is. ‘Good Morning’ is me being more musical and playing with musical beats without dumbing down my lyricism. It’s more upbeat with a good vibe – something you can chill to, or smoke to, or turn up.”

Lonely Savage said his sound is meant for anyone who is “hustling” – for people who have a dream and have refused to give up on those early seeds that were planted in childhood, despite how many times the world has told them no. He said the whole point of his music is to grow through it as he is growing through it.

“Good Morning” is the first single off a four-track EP that is available on Lonely Savage’s Soundcloud page. That in itself is part of a larger mixtape of 10-to-12 songs that he hopes to launch later this year. Fans who want to find out more about his music releases, or any upcoming liver performances, can follow him on Twitter @fokuz_, on Instagram @lonely_savage, and on Snapchat @katamafokuz.

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