Texas-based rapper uses second chance at life to launch music career

FORT WORTH, TX – Hip-hop artist Triggat has had two near-death experiences in his life. Well, technically, he actually died the first time.

When he was 5 years old his mother found him in the garage after having drank gasoline. He was not breathing and his heart wasn’t beating. When the ambulance arrived the medics were able to revive him right there in the front yard and rushed him to the hospital. It was an experience that always stuck with him growing up and which he looked back on as his second chance at life.
But he never fully appreciated that second chance until his second near-death experience. It came later in life after growing up through a series of difficult experiences – mostly tied with drugs and illegal activities. In fact, he was in the process of mugging someone with a loaded weapon when his second near-death experience happened. He recalls trying to shoot the weapon and nothing happening.

“I tried to fire at the guy after he reached for it, and then he proceeded to run,” he said. “After he made it about 50 yards the gun started letting off rounds. When I got home and put that same bullet that didn’t fire back in the chamber, I told God that if it was He who stopped me from killing that man, then He should give me a sign and I would turn my life around. Sure enough, the same bullet fired and at that point I was done with the street life. At that point I started dialing it down because I knew I wasn’t going to get another chance. That’s when I started focusing on my raps. I have a story to tell and I’ve been through a lot of things and seen a lot of things that I think can make good songs. As I got deeper into the music, I realized it was my reason for living. For me to have gone through the things I’ve gone through and have the wordplay that I have and still be sane … I know I’m here to do this. I’ve been through so much and I lived to tell about it.”

So for the past 10 years he has focused on his music and continued to grow his fan-base. He currently has an EP available on Spinrilla called “Lyrical Trap.” It’s an EP hosted by DJ DReal with features from Brudda Go Yayo.

He’s also ready to launch a new music video for his single “Wave Goat.” It’s a song that he said starts off real strong and doesn’t let off the gas.

“It’s a play on words,” he said of the title of the song. “People are always talking about drugs in music nowadays, but I’m talking about music in drug terms. This song has a beat that has a bit of a robotic sound. The bulk of the song is more of a smooth vibe, but with a lot of hype and energy.”

Triggat said the video starts with him busting out of the studio, shirt off, bringing the energy that the music calls for. The director for the video is a guy named HalfPint, and Triggat said he eventually leads the video to nod to the popular film “Matrix” – with cameras switching to different angles and intriguing shots down a hotel hallway.

To find out more about Triggat and his music, fans can follow him on Instagram @LGP_TriGGat and on Twitter @TriGGaT5.

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