Wicked Law takes back Houston sound with new album ‘Clutch Life’ (@Royale_King_713)

HOUSTON, TX – When Jeremy was a kid growing up in Houston, Texas, his father was the member of a seven-piece Motown Music band called the CC Rider Band. He remembers going to some of his father’s live events, sitting in the crowd watching people fall in love with his father’s music. Other times he would be invited into the sound booth, where at an early age he learned how to work the live sound-mixing board.

Those were the first steps toward a music career that the young man now known as Wicked Law is seeing realized. Since 2009 he has devoted himself full-time to music – learning the business side of the industry and dabbling in a little of every aspect of the music-making process. He’s worked as a producer and engineer, songwriter, beat-maker and now is fronting his own project “Clutch Life.” It’s a 13-song album that he said nods to the original hip-hop movement in Houston many years ago.

“This is my way of taking back what our city started a long time ago,” he said. “We have our own sound down here in Houston. Some other artists have adapted that style and made it their own, and I’m taking it back. Too often you hear other artists around here trying to sound like other cities. Houston has this mix of old soulful R&B and hip-hop, kind of slowing things down.”

The feature single from the album is a song called “Purple Hearts,” and much like the theme of the album it highlights Wicked Law’s story of growing up in Houston and some of the personal things in his life that have been difficult to overcome. That introspective approach to songwriting is one of the things that he said sets him apart from others in the hip-hop world.

“Based on today’s current trend of music, “I am more willing to stick to the format than most are,” he said. “I don’t have any crazy hairdos or dumb down lyrics, though. I’m not caving into that.”

Some fans have said that his voice carries in ways that are reminiscent of Drake, but he tries to avoid comparisons with other artists. In fact, Wicked Law is an individual with a unique voice and sound unlike any other. And more than anything he wants the passion he puts into his music to come through loud and clear to anyone who listens.

“I want them to enjoy my music, first and foremost,” he said. “But there’s always a life message and a hidden lesson in my music that I want people to take and learn from. I touch on current events in a lot of my music, but mostly those things only come up when they’re based on my personal experience and things going on in my life. If there’s something going on in the world that I can relate to, then I’ll do a song about it.”

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