What Exactly Is ‘Edgy’ Style & How Do We Pull It Off?

Photo: WENN“Edgy” is one of those fashion words that gets thrown around with reckless abandon. It’s usually attached to a positive meaning and accompanied by photos of girls in leather jackets, spikey stilettos or dark lipstick.

According to Dictionary.com, the definition for this widely used term is:

“sharp-edged; sharply defined, as outlines” or “daringly innovative.”

The truth is, well, “edgy” has more than one definition. Like colors, hairstyles and beauty, it exists on a spectrum that is completely relative to the person navigating it. To me, having edgy style means thinking ahead of the curve and wearing something atypically.

Those with edge don’t follow trends; they set the trend.


edgy-fashionPhoto: WENNIt isn’t a “one size fits all” type of term. Vampy lipstick may be left field to one person and completely normal to the other. In fact, sometimes our own personal definitions change as we get older and go through different life experiences.

For me, Rihanna is the perfect (and expected) example of this. Prior to taking more ownership of her career, it was clear that her red carpet looks and overall attitude were the opposite of unapologetic.

Today, the singer has solidified her style icon status by rocking anything and everything with confidence before it becomes a top search term on Google.


Photo: WENN 

It’s also important to note that some of her best fashion moments have been understated and classic. Who said standout personal style requires something “weird” or “outrageous?”

So, how exactly does one take their fashion from flat to exciting? Step outside your comfort zone with confidence and have fun. Wear something because it makes you happy; not for its relevancy. Looking to be inspired by edginess in action?

Keep reading to see five ladies who were ahead of their time in the style department and let us know what you think of the word “edgy.”

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